Bitcoin Demanded From Ugandan Singer after Hacking

Uganda-based singer and celebrity, Zari Hassan, has to encounter the hacking issue in respect of her Instagram posts. Significantly, she has a following of about 4.2 million in the social media that was hacked by cyber criminals who demanded $4,000 worth of bitcoin to restore the account. It has become a passion for such hackers to demand by way of bitcoin that is enjoying the highest value among the digital currencies in the globe. Initially, the hackers have gone to the extent of deleting all posts of the celebrity.

Return of Posts

However, it looks mysterious as to how the account has been restored since there was no payment of bitcoin to the cybercriminals. The celebrity’s content had returned when it was checked last, reported. The cybercriminals have also issued a threat to Zari Hassan about posting porn in her account since she refused to heed to the demand made by the hackers. Incidentally, there were no such port posts when it was visited last.

It has not been clear whether the hacking has been done with any other motive since the hackers have not been able to get the amount despite its threat of posting porns. Also, the account of the celebrity has now come back to normalcy. If the report is to be true, there was no bitcoin address that showcased either the income or the outgoing transactions to suggest any payment was made. There was also no clue as to how the account has been retrieved.

Interestingly, the hacking happened while Zari was busy in celebrating the birthday of her daughter. It is not that how the account was restored, but it is also not known as to who is the brain behind in the entire episode of hacking. There was also no clue as to how the celebrity account was hacked in the first place. Demanding bitcoin as ransom is nothing new since the digital currency prefers anonymity to the users and the criminals want to capitalize on it.

However, the amount of bitcoin worth $4,000 appeared to be a small one if anyone looked at it from the global perspective. On the other hand, from the Ugandan perspective, the GDP per capita is only $2,500. Therefore, the ransom demand amount is nearly double the annual wages of a Ugandan. There is also another theory that the methodology adopted by the hackers has failed to work going by the recovery of the account without any data losses.

Page Hacked

On her part, Zari Hassan disclosed that her pages were hacked by cybercriminals. Therefore, she wanted her followers to ignore if anything was posted by the hackers. This is in response to the threat of posting porns in her Instagram account.

Though there are no posts, no one is ready to leave it out and conclude that the issue is resolved. However, users would have to wait and watch when the celebrity is provided access to her content completely again. Significantly, the hackers have not hacked either the cryptocurrency exchange or the user account of those having the digital currencies.

J. Todd Ring

Todd is an Independent researcher, writer and social commentator. He is the author of “Enlightened Democracy: Visions for a New Millennium.” He basis his focus on ICO’s and new developments.