Bitcoin Superstore Ready to Accept XRP

Bitcoin superstore declared that it is ready to accept XRP as means of payment in its online retail platform. As a result, clients could now be in a position to acquire from more than 200,000 online stores either with the help of XRP or five other digital currencies. They are Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash and bitcoin core. Among the popular brands that are available currently on superstore are Nike, Starbucks, Walmart and offering gift cards.

Payment Mode

Before making the payment through digital coins, users should, first of all, enter the URL of the site, product name and the price of it along with the shipping costs. After this, the user would be asked to move to the next page, and the product is getting added to the cart. At this point in time, users could select the form of payment. This included fiat currency or digital currencies and could be checked out, reported. Though there could be a diversified opinion about the virtual assets, there is continued development seen in the space.

The move has been welcomed by those who are using the cryptocurrencies. A twitter comment from Chinazepplin said, “Great work! So essentially anything at Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks, etc. could now be purchased with XRP through the Bitcoin Superstore platform.” This demonstrated how people are viewing the development of virtual currencies and its use case in different space. It also appears that those people are not worried about the drop in prices of most of the digital coins and the uncertainty surrounding it.

There was both excitement and criticism for the post of Bitcoin Superstore, and that was quite predictable only. While several users have welcomed the move to add XRP token, there are some others who have their own concerns on the announcement. For instance, some people think that it was mistakenly used Ripple rather than XRP in the post. None-the-less, the move was termed as a ‘lovely initiative’ through a twitter comment said: “you’re kicking off very bad.”

That is because Ripple is a company whereas XRP is regarded as the digital currency, which the company is referring to. The Twitter account user wanted the company to make it explicitly clear about accepting XRP as a token and not Ripple. Another Twitter user also voiced a similar point after terming it an awesome one. At the same time, the user wanted the headline to be changed because of the difference between Ripple and XRP.

What This Means To XRP

At the same time, everyone should be looking for the impact on XRP though the community might have been excited about the news. However, this does not mean that this news is sufficient enough to boost the price of the digital coin. For instance, TRON has struck several alliances and listed on exchanges apart from acquiring BitTorrent. Still, these developments do not reflect in the coin price.

Aside from direct payments, the user could also get gift cards apart from adding anything between $25 and $500 to them. The move could go probably in the right direction of becoming integrated with payment modes.

Fred Krueger

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