Cure WorldCosplay crowded sale indicative of its token popularity

The world’s Cosplay market is a fast evolving segment, and one specialty organisation, Cure WorldCosplay just completed its token crowd sale for the community in the last week of July.

Seen as a Lifestyle entertainment market segment, it is a niche market across the world.  Sure people dressed up in their favorite fictional character costumes from Japanese Manga characters to any films turning it into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Cure world cosplay launched its first cosplay token crowd sale bringing together players from across the world to use cryptocurrency in their work.  The organization considers this as an alternative fees payment method since it does not include large transaction fees.  Other payment options include photo box, attending events, and Public Relations for the company commissioning such events.

Multi-billion Dollar industry

The data which the Chinese Research and intelligence Organisations have offered show that cosplayers spent as much as $17.8 million in costumes, cosmetics, and other props in the year 2017.

CEO Junichiro Kawai of Cure WorldCosplay says that “Cosplay is booming, but the community faces challenges because of copyright and revenue sharing issues. We want to implement a copyright record keeping system on Blockchain and allow revenues to be shared via Smart Contracts.”

While the industry is widely placed many times, cosplayers are not able to receive payment for their work because they do not have a settlement account.  Hence, Cure worldcosplay believes that there is an opportunity for cryptocurrency platform to find the solution for such players.

By introducing the decentralize ledger technology and easier way to arrive at financial settlements is offered to search market segments.  The advantage of such a methodology would be to protect copyright and to make sure that there is any to add transparency as well as trust. It is in such a case that an organization such as Cure worldcosplay would be the ideal bridge to include reward-based payment systems for exclusive services of the players.

The CEO of the ecosystem suggest that the players will be able to develop and offer their own unique tokens and look forward to expanding their businesses. This could be at the local level as well as the worldwide basis. It will allow fans to be able to earn tips and also publish article apart from translating the article on platform.

Create ideal environment

The primary focus of the blockchain in banking organization is to create the ideal environment for players of this market segment.  It believes that the users when using this environment will be able to share all of their individual practices in the form of articles and advice, thereby creating a strong a community of online cosplay players.

The interest for Cure worldCosplay here is that the platform will be able to allow such members to develop their own personalized coin and monetize the strong membership base that it has currently run at 720, 000.

According to the CEO, Kawai, the advantage by using this platform for the players would have the ability to organize different events, look at giveaways and offer prizes to their fans by using the personalized coins system.

J. Todd Ring

Todd is an Independent researcher, writer and social commentator. He is the author of “Enlightened Democracy: Visions for a New Millennium.” He basis his focus on ICO’s and new developments.