For Stellar, Positive News Flow Last Few Months

The last few months have been positive for Stellar with major alliance announcements. Aside from that, the development team is on its toes by not only update but also enhancing the core protocol of the digital coin. The virtual has asset has toppled Litecoin to reach the sixth position by virtue of market cap and managed to hit the fifth position only for a brief period as EOS came back with a bang to regain its lost position. For the emerging sector, the key lies in constant update and enhancement and expansion.

Switching Over To New Version

The latest positive catalyst is that the Stellar Foundation has declared an update on the social media and provided with instructions in respect of those running nodes or creating on its network. The company indicated that it would migrate to a new Stellar Core version 10.0.0. early September. The enterprise indicated that there would be some major changes as far as the order book work is concerned, reported. In a nutshell, the testnet will be moved over to the new code.

Stellar indicated that it would look into any issues of bug and once it fixes them the new version will go on live on the mainnet. The update for the testnet has already been done, and the mainnet could see it later this month or early next month. As far as changes, a hard fork will become a necessity since the Stellar protocol will be large enough to switch. However, the community has agreed upon all the major changes.

Therefore, the company expects smooth transition to happen while moving to a new version. Stellar wanted anyone, who is running a validated note, to vote on the changes. This will ensure that validators would remain updated as the team is working out to fix any bugs during the transition period. The company’s API, Horizon, will help apps to interact within the network so that upgrade could be done to the version 14 to ensure compatibility with the new code.

The developers will also take care of the upgrades of both apps and wallets and that there is no need for any user to do anything. The company indicated that any issues in respect of the transition could be discussed on its Stack Exchange. BumpSequence command is the most expected update to be implemented.

Invalidating Several Transactions

Last year, the company planned to launch BumpSequence enabling invalidation of several transactions. The transactions would have been issued though it would not have been processed by the network. This involves skipping forward to a particular transaction in the list. This will mean that several transactions could be made conditional based on external event and add an additional smarter contract logic layer to the digital coin.

This is in line with Stellar’s philosophy as far as the overall design is concerned. The company indicated that the kind of business operations, which could be implemented in the network, is expanding slowly and steadily through its function is to transfer value. The upcoming months will demonstrate how projects will make use of the new feature.

Andri Triyanto

Andri has worked as a research analyst with a big equity analysis company. His perspective of looking at the market is unique. He senses an opportunity when it’s near. He stays well updated with the market happenings.