G8C tokens startup appoints Eman Pulis as Advisory

GanaEight Coin Limited has announced the appointment of Eman Pulis to its Senior Advisory Board. The former is an issuer of G8C token which is widely used in online casinos which accept cryptocurrencies.

Emil Pulis heads the most popular iGaming venture in Malta, SiGMA (Summit of iGaming and the Malta Blockchain Summit). The event is most sought after in the week of gaming usually held in November. The program has over 500 exhibitors as well as sponsors with over 12,000 as representatives along with 150 speakers, in every year. The Blockchain Summit in Malta is sponsored as well as hosted by SiGMA, attracting some of the best people behind the blockchain events. A large number of investors, as well as stakeholders in the virtual currency space, participate in these events. One of the major participants in this is GanaEight Coin Limited belonging to Ganapati Group.

According to Pulis, his arrival on the Board was after much deliberation. Apparently, he had a past working relationship for over three years with Ganapati. Their mutual respect had resulted in his coming on as the Senior Advisory Board. The technical expertise, as well as the technology strengths of the company, have ensured ICO is has made a G8C winner, Pulis said.

G8C issues

GanaEight Coin Limited expects that iGaming experts will contact will also expand their business with them.

G8C issued its coins on July 25, during which it announced the appointment of two lawyers – Hayato Terai and Kristina Deguara. The former is from Japan, and the latter is from Malta, and both are appointed as Co-CEOs and will begin with the management of ICOs.

The efforts behind the appointment of these officials are that they will steer the development of the platform for an improved and better casino industry online.

As the i-gaming sphere attracts more players and users to its platform there has been a unique opportunity for long time stakeholders to enter this segment with their assorted range of blockchain enabled services. In this space, Ganapti Group’s entry was expected as it will now allow the firm to expand its core services. On the blockchain platform, the group has the added advantage of offering its technologies for a new generation of players and users. The younger segment is more in tune with digital technologies, and the addition of the blockchain features will make it ever interesting and challenge to this market segment.

Malta has emerged as a key player in cryptocurrency adoption, and there is a linear progression across its business sectors towards this alternate financial system. The government too has been encouraging in this regard and has offered its support by creating the necessary infrastructure, protocols as well as regulations which are conducive to the adoption and the development of services.

Ganapati Group’s latest move to innovate and introduce proprietary ICO as well as blockchain technologies shall pitch-fork the group into pioneering crypto online gambling player. Pulis experience and the big network of investors he will be able to bring to Ganapati Group will be driving force for this new venture group.

J. Todd Ring

Todd is an Independent researcher, writer and social commentator. He is the author of “Enlightened Democracy: Visions for a New Millennium.” He basis his focus on ICO’s and new developments.