Look At the Stylometric of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto

There has always been a craze to know more about a person involved in any disruptive thing. Satoshi Nakamoto is generating a lot of interest among different sections of people just because he created the most disruptive digital currency, bitcoin. The last few years have seen a number of people hunting for him throughout the world as the cryptocurrency community could come across only a selected few like him to redraw the entire virtual currency market.

Likes of Nakamoto

The climatic rise of digital currencies has raised a question as to who is Satoshi Nakamoto, and a lot of people are curious to know about the creator. He is already said to be holding more than one million of bitcoin core, as well as; bitcoin cash apart from any other fork developed from the original protocol. That makes him an extremely wealthy person. The last couple of years have also seen some people claiming to be like Nakamoto. This included Craig Wright, Nick Szabo, Ian Grigg and Dorian Nakamoto.

Aside from these, a man hailing from Hawaii has claimed that he was Satoshi whereas another person wrote the first chapter of memoirs of Nakamoto. Several people have started to consider the 21-page personal memories as phony while some armchair detective discovered that there were no literary quirks of Nakamoto apart from finding unique misspellings and double space in the memoir. It is not easy to copy the style of Nakamoto as pointed out some stylometric analyses based on the emails of Satoshi.

For instance, stylometrists indicated about the change of a cryptographic researcher using the similar phrases such as “for our purposes, it should be noted, preclude, and can be characterized.” This turned out to at an extremely low at 0.8 percent whereas few others came near to the linguistic stylings of Nakamoto. Those who came close to included Timothy May, Wei Dai, Hal Finney, Ian Grigg and Nick Szabo.

Significantly, Szabo recorded the biggest number of algorithmic similarities during his initial papers while studying with Nakamoto. All the five have their own comparable writing styles though they have been named as suspects in stylometric studies. Michael Chon, a data scientist, explained that every character was used in stylometric analysts against the writings of Nakamoto, according to news.bitcoin.com.

Linguistically Similar

Chon has detailed that based on the algorithm’s classification, everyone has expected Nick Szabo’s linguistic to be similar to that of Satoshi, who wrote bitcoin paper. On the other hand, Ian Grigg is termed as linguistically similar to Nakamoto. He said, “Wei Dai has the highest similarity score to the Bitcoin paper, and Hal Finney has the highest similarity score to Satoshi’s email exchanges. From gensim, Timothy C. May has the highest similarity score to the Bitcoin paper, and Ian Grigg has the highest similarity score to Satoshi’s email exchanges. An unusual result is that Ian Grigg has a similarity score of .99996 to Satoshi’s email exchanges.”

Non-profit organization’s representative, Troy Watson, disclosed that its research found Gavin Andresen as the real Satoshi Nakamoto. However, it is a different issue that not everyone has taken it seriously.

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