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How Is Ethereum Congestion Lowered?

How Is Ethereum Congestion Lowered?

The Ethereum network has witnessed lowering of its congestion in respect of the Lastwinner lottery game. The company has witnessed smart contract activity being gradually dropping, and that FOMO lottery consumes just about 2.76 percent of gas currently. It was only last month that congestion in the network increased considerably leading to the gas price hike. That is despite the transaction volume witnessing a drop of more than 50 percent. It was blamed on disgraceful voting system launched by FCoin, a new Chinese digital coin exchange.


The company disclosed that in place of FOMO, the One Metric That Matters (OMTM) digital coin had consumed 20.03 percent of bandwidth, cryptovest.com reported. At the same time, it came out with its explanation, i.e., the project is performing an airdrop. Significantly, OMTM is a virtual asset that also belonged to China and that it offers enough promise of making everything possible although bigger and better-known projects might have struggled to meet the ends.

It would enable everyone to establish distributed not only apps but also smart contracts apart from chain applications. As far as the OMTM project is concerned, the explanation is filled with exhortations apart from the promise of adding data technology and Internet of Things (IoT). The company disclosed that “OMTM takes data as the core, make [sic] use of the technology of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and so on, promotes the intercommunication of various fields, achieves more efficient resource integration.”

The Ethereum network explained that there is no need to worry about the airdrop of OMTM since it is relatively harmless. Apart from this, it is not associated with any gas fee hikes as in the case of Lastwinner game previously. During the peak of the network congestion, fees were hovering over $0.50. Currently, not only the gas prices have come to the normal level, but the transaction fees have also come down to $0.02.

The company disclosed that the website of the game could not be accessed anymore. There is an equal amount of $8 million or ETH of 27.451 inside the main address. The network firm revealed that there had not been any indication of an exit scam. Similarly, game owners have taken a decision to retain the haul of the digital coin within the web portal address.

Scaling Solutions

The company is worried about the scaling solution issues in the future through the current economics have established a situation where the user is compelled to pay more for transactions. This was meant to make sure that they will arrive. During congestion, the lower fee could mean that the transaction will fall through while losing the fee. On a day-to-day basis, the Ethereum network is carrying approximately 681,000 transactions. Blocktivity data has provided these data.

The increased counts are attributed to smart contract and digital token transactions. Ethereum token price is depressed currently losing 21.38 percent in the seven-day period. Significantly, it is one of the three digital coins that witnessed more than 20 percent drop on Monday. The latest trend suggested that it is returning to the levels seen last summer.